Terms and Conditions

This translation is provided for informational purposes only and is not a legally binding document. Please Refer to the original document in Italian language (By Clicking Here). This Agreement defines the General Terms and Conditions for the use of the Services offered by Postawork on the Website www.postawork.co.uk

1 - Presentation
Postawork is a free website application that makes available the services offered by professionals (experts) as long as these are people of proven seriousness and have shown reliability and professional ability. Anyone can send requests for an estimate within the categories defined by the Site itself and in which the Users registered as Experts can send estimates to provide the Services requested anywhere and at any time. The following are the Terms and Conditions governing the Services offered through the Site, therefore both the Experts and the Clients are subject to these Terms and Conditions. Access, browsing and full or partial use of the Site and its functions, freely accessible (ie not requiring registration on the Site), entail an express acceptance of the Terms and Conditions by Users (Experts and Customers) who are therefore obliged to respect them.
2 - Changes to Terms and Conditions
Given that Postawork reserves the right at any time to revise, modify or supplement, in whole or in part, these Terms and Conditions or any document connected to them, including but not limited to the Privacy Policy [?], We inform you that the A User who makes continued use of the Website is obliged to accept any revision or modification of the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement. Any modification will be binding and effective immediately after the publication of the modified Agreement on the Site. Therefore the User is invited to periodically check these Terms and Conditions. In case of total or partial disagreement with these Terms and Conditions, the User is invited not to use the Site. In the event that the User is registered as an Expert or Client, he is invited to cancel his profile.
3 - Requirements for using the services
Customers and professionals registered as experts must have completed their eighteenth year of age.
4 - Website Registration
Premise that the acceptance of each registration process is our sole and complete discretion. It is up to the User to verify and verify that the information concerning him is complete and correct. The already registered user can at any time improve or modify the information during the registration phase. Posta is in no way responsible for the data entered by users. If a professional wishes to register as an expert, a step will be taken to enter all the necessary information. In case of missing or partial compilation the user profile will be deleted and can no longer be visible on the Site. In order to preserve the danger and security of the site and users, as regards the account and all the information contained therein any time. If a customer wants to access the site to receive one or more quotes from registered professionals (Experts) will be invited to enter a valid e-mail address and a password to access his personal account. At any time it will always be possible to change the information entered during the registration process. It is understood that the Expert (or the Customer) will be the one and only responsible for the truthfulness and updating of the data. In any case, users registered with an e-mail address belong to subjects other than the registered user or by temporary e-mail or do not provide for cancellation by Swiss Post without any prior notice. When a user registers with an expert profile, he / she is aware and accepts that all the information he / she provided during the registration process is publicly visible and searchable by anyone. Information on: - Email address - Name and surname - Password it must neither see nor be searchable by the public. They will remain in the availability of the owner of the account who may dispose of its sole discretion. The user who signs up as an expert can be registered at the same time, as he wishes, also as a customer, as described above. Both for registration, as for registration, as the information is contained on the site in the form of registration. Post not guaranteed the total or complete correctness of the information, Users registered as Experts must not create more than one account to avoid deleting it. The account registrations on the site are coming and not beyond the UK domain.
5 - Our Services
The Services offered to Users through the Postawork Website have been conceived and designed for Customers, that is, any physical and / or legal person who needs the intervention of a professional (Expert); and for the Experts, or any natural and / or legal person who professionally performs the Services in the areas promoted and defined by Postawork in favor of the Customers. To this end, upon registration, the User will have the right to register: A) As a customer in order to: Publish requests for estimates for the performance of one or more services made available on the Site; Delete the estimate requests published on the Website; Choose the expert you consider to hire for your request and at the same time refuse the estimates sent by the other experts without any charge to the customer Leave a feedback on the profile of the Expert in charge of the performance of the Service resulting in the acceptance of the request. Communicate with other registered users on Postawork. B) As an expert in order to: Monitor, view and evaluate job requests published by customers; Send estimates to customer requests that are in line with your preferences indicated in the profile settings or during the registration process; Delete the quotes sent at any time except in the event that the customer has already accepted the quote sent. Communicate with other registered users on Postawork. B-1) The Experts, taking into account the indications given by the Customer, are invited to send the following information during the compilation of the estimates: -description and characteristics of the service offered - meeting modality - total price (including materials, labor and any taxes) -tempistica The sending of quotes is not bound by any kind of charge or payment and is therefore completely free.
6 - Obligations of Users (Customers and Experts)
The User, both registered as a Customer and as an Expert, is obliged to: - not to publish fictitious, inaccurate, defamatory or misleading data; - not to create user accounts by automated means or under false identity; - not to publish inappropriate contents or images to the Site or through the Services offered by the Site; - not to promote or provide information suitable for carrying out illegal activities or to incite physical harm to groups or persons; - not to defame, to offend, to harass, to carry out threatening practices, to threaten or otherwise violate the rights of others; - do not use the Site for any illegal or unauthorized purpose; - do not publish chain messages or spamming; - not to spread viruses or any other technology aimed at damaging Postawork and / or its Users; - do not use automated programs or scripts in order to create multiple user accounts; - not to advertise messages that promote any form of advertising, whether commercial or not; - not to copy or collect information about Users in any way; -do not publish content that is discriminatory, offensive, threatening or that may cause anxiety, alarm, disturbance and discomfort. - do not use the Site if you have been permanently or temporarily suspended from Postawork. Without the express permission of Postawork, agents, services or intermediaries are forbidden to publish content on the Website on behalf of third parties. It is also forbidden to sell or transfer your account to Postawork to third parties. Although Postawork undertakes to play a controlling role with regard to all the contents included on the Website, a User may nevertheless be exposed to such incorrect behavior. Therefore the use of the Site is at your risk. In any case, the User is urged to promptly communicate to the Postawork Customer Service any suspicious, harmful, illicit, obscene or offensive conduct.
7 - Contents of Users (Customers and Experts)
The property rights of the Contents - including texts, photographs and anything else published on the Website by the User - are owned by the User who has uploaded them through their account. The User therefore has full responsibility for the truthfulness and correctness of such Contents even in the event of modification or updating of the same and of all the consequences of their publication on the Website.  Postawork is not responsible for any such Content, including but not limited to opinions and opinions, judgments or notices. Regarding the confidentiality, publication and dissemination of the Contents, the User acknowledges and guarantees: - do not publish links that redirect to third party websites - not to publish any type of material subject to the rights of third parties without owning a license and / or formal authorization from the owner; - be in possession of permits, licenses, rights and / or authorizations necessary to upload Content on the Site; -do not publish Content that violates any of the provisions of these General Conditions. It is understood that Postawork is totally unrelated about the placing of Contents or expressions / feedbacks uploaded on the Website by the User. Therefore, Postawork reserves the right to remove, at any time, any Content that appears non-compliant and / or in violation of these General Conditions and / or the rights of third parties. Each User waives any claim, right or action against Postawork in relation to the Contents, mentioned above that involve, even in part, the dissemination of inaccurate, incomplete data, mendacious / or otherwise violating their own or third parties' rights.
8 - Licenses
Once published the Contents on the Site, the User agrees to grant the perpetual license, free, non-exclusive, valid throughout the world and completely sub-licensable, to use, reproduce, translate, adapt, modify, publish, create derivative works to distribute, execute and display the User Content (in whole or in part) and / or incorporate it in other works in any form, medium or technology., and waive any moral rights that may have, or be identified, as the author of that User Content.
9 - Account Removal
Postawork may in the event of a violation remove or delete a User's account at any time. It may also prohibit access to the Site without prior notice, depending on the seriousness of the violation, including the right to prosecute any unauthorized use, or otherwise contrary to the law.
10 - Limitation of Liability
A) Postawork is a free platform that freely allows Users to directly organize exclusively the provision of Services within the categories defined by the Site. Therefore, Postawork disclaims any responsibility for the non-compliant use of the Website by Users for the provision of such Services. B) Customers can request quotes from the experts who will send the requested quotes, at any time, from any Internet location, in any place, and in different ways. Postawork is not responsible for the choice of an expert by a customer and vice versa. Each choice is made in complete autonomy and is at your own risk. Postawork is in no way responsible for the use that Users (Experts and Customers) may make of images, videos or other content exchanged and which fall outside the provisions of point A of this Agreement Article 8-Limitations of Liability. C) These Terms and Conditions do not limit or exclude the responsibility of Postawork towards the User for death or personal injury caused by negligence, fraud or fraudulent declaration of Postawork or any liability that according to Italian law can not be limited or excluded. D) In ​​relation to the foregoing, Postawork shall in no case be liable to Users for business losses and any liability attributable to Postawork is strictly limited to reasonably subsistent losses. E) The total liability ascertained by Mailwork arising from or in connection with the above Terms or by any breach or breach of these Conditions, regardless of anything that is contemplated in this Agreement is limited to a maximum amount of Euro 100, 00 (one hundred / 00).
11 - Indemnity
By accepting the General Conditions, the User undertakes to indemnify and hold unharmed and its owner and all its collaborators, from any claim, request and / or claim for damages from third parties caused or resulting from the violation of these Terms and Conditions, from the execution or provision of Services, from the violation of any applicable law, right or regulation.
12 - Intellectual property rights
Postawork is the sole owner of the homonymous trademark and of the domain names www.postawork.co.uk (hereinafter collectively "Domain Names"). No use of the Postawork trademark and Domain Names is permitted without written permission from Postawork. Postawork is the exclusive owner of the Website, including texts, images, graphics, drawings, software, databases and know-how. Unless you have the relevant permissions from Postawork it is forbidden for the User to reproduce, duplicate, copy, that is, to use for different purposes and / or ways other than those indicated, individual parts of the Website in any form - either for consideration, free of charge, for private or commercial purposes - since such actions are considered to be a violation of the law and of the law concerning intellectual property. Postawork reserves the right to pursue any unauthorized use, or in any case contrary to the law, in the most appropriate civil and criminal courts.
13 - Links to third-party sites
Postawork does not carry out any type of control nor does it take any responsibility for the contents published by the Users. Consequently, if the User visits third-party websites through links or hyperlinks he does so at his own risk.
14 - Autonomy of the Parties
Postawork is a site that is autonomous and independent of users who use its services. Users who use the Services remain outside any collaboration, agency, association, intermediary or subordinate work between Postawork and the User.
15 - Privacy Policy
Postawork will process the personal data of the Users in compliance with the legislation on privacy as defined in detail in the information on the processing of personal data, "Privacy Policy", available in the respective section of the Site
16 - Final Provisions
All communications provided by Users to Postawork must be in writing to the e-mail address indicated at the end of these Terms and Conditions. Users may be given prior notice by e-mail or post (by registered mail with return receipt) that was provided to Postawork during the registration process and updated from time to time by Users in their accounts. In the event that Postawork fails to enforce even one of the rights contained in these General Conditions, this does not mean that this will result in a waiver by Postawork of this right. Should any provision of these Terms and Conditions prove invalid or unenforceable, it is understood that all other provisions will remain unaffected. The official language to refer to in each Agreement is the Italian language. Any translation errors will not affect the validity and applicability of the Agreement.
17 - Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
These Conditions are governed by Italian law. Therefore, in the event of any unresolved litigation by way of conciliation or arbitration, the competent Court of Rome will have to refer to it. Nothing will prevent the owner of Postawork to initiate proceedings to protect his intellectual property rights before any competent court. For any information please contact the Customer Service of the Site at the email address: info@postawork.co.uk Version updated to March 24, 2018. Pursuant to and for the purposes of articles. 1341 and 1342 and ss. cc as well as the articles 33, 34, 35 and 36 of Legislative Decree 205/2006 c.c., the User declares to have read and understood and therefore to expressly approve the Articles 2 ("Changes to Terms and Conditions"), 3 ("Requirement for the use of the Services"), 4 ("Registration to the Website), 5 (" Services "), 6 (" Obligations of Users (Customers and Experts) ) "), 7 (" Contents of Users (Customers and Experts) "), 8 (" Licenses "), 9 (" Account Removal "), 10 (" Disclaimers "), 11 (" Indemnity ") , 12 ("Intellectual Property Rights"), 13 ("Links to Third Party Sites"), 14 ("Autonomy of the Parties"), 15 ("Privacy Policy"), 16 ("Final Provisions"), 17 ("Applicable law and jurisdiction").